Welcome & Nice to Meet You! 
My name is Kelli.


I can't wait to share my life with you through the books I read. My husband, Shannon is even starting to get into my blog and reading some books, but mostly excited to review shows, movies, and plan trips with the excuse of reviewing them, so you'll see guest posts by him every once in a while.

I was told "if you don’t like reading, you're doing it wrong" and I've come to find that very true.

Shannon and Kelli Quintos

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The Naive

I did not like reading growing up. The only book I truly read during school was Animal Farm with all other books being summarized through cliff notes. Now looking back, I know I didn't give reading a chance.


I think because my mom was so into reading, I brushed it off wanting to rebel and be independent, thinking everything she did must be lame. I’m sorry but what teenager admits to wanting to be just like their mom. Now as I grow up I realize how awesome my mom really is.

The Discovery


After college I got a job as an auditor, which required me to travel about eight months out of the year. I got bored so fast stuck in small oil towns like Midland, Texas and Bartlesville, Oklahoma with nothing to do. My first year I watched everything Netflix had to offer…the good, the bad, and some downright horrible never should have been produced awkwardly bad movies and shows. I might be caught re-watching a few of my favorites like Breaking Bad, The Office, and Orange is the New Black though.


After running dry with movies I realized I needed a better distraction to occupy all my alone time stuck in hotels and airports. My mom worked years as a librarian on top of her personal reading list which made her my perfect assistant in finding a good starter book. I read my first book for fun in 2015 by James Patterson, the Honeymoon series and since then I can’t finish books fast enough. I started my first blog to document my reviews called My BookFix Blog, but after two years the drug innuendo of that name weighed on me and I raised a vote to my followers who helped me pick my final name. In 2017 Tangled in Text was born.

I’m growing in my author list and welcome recommendations. I like to switch things up and bounce between mystery, young adult, non-fiction, romance, self-help, and thrillers.


Now I proudly say like mother like daughter.