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- Can you get us a little more on what to expect in Harvester or Souls?

Without giving too much away. The story follows Talia Callahan twin sister of Dorian. At the end of Book of Souls leaves her pack in an effort to deal with her loss and to find peace after the events her and her family recently survived. What she doesn’t know is that she is about to be thrown into the middle of someone’s vengeance against everything that she has come to love humans and supernaturals alike.

- When will we get to see Harvester of Souls released?

At the time of this interview I am planning on releasing it end of February beginning of March. If I can get it finished and edited before that then it could be earlier.


The place was packed tonight with truck drivers wanting to unwind after a long day along with several local bikers from the area. Natali loved nights like tonight with over thirty half naked dancers either on stage or parading around looking for Mr. Right Now, meant that most people wouldn’t bother her. Not that she couldn’t put them all to shame standing near six feet with a mane of riotous dark brown curls and sapphire blue eyes. Now she was dressed the part since this was a bar you know tips and all. Small leather vest that was half zipped up holding in the girls and a pair of tight leather booty shorts. She completed the ensemble with knee high leather boots that had a heel sturdy enough that her brother would say was for stomping the shit out of someone.

Opening a beer, she placed it in front of a guy who was sitting at the bar. “That will be five dollars.”

The guy threw down a twenty. As she grabbed the money, her phone buzzed with an incoming text. Reading the text, she smiled then typed back a quick reply.

“That your boyfriend?” The beer guy asked.

Looking up she frowned. “Nope, brother. Telling me that I’m going to be an aunt in about seven months.” She rung up his order then dropped his change down next to his beer.

“No boyfriend? I can’t believe that. Not someone as fine as you.” He slurred.”

Natali just rolled her eyes at him. Just as she was about to answer him the scent of a vampire hit her. Fuck me! They usually never stop by here when they’re on the way to or from Vegas. She thought knowing that the Vegas Vamps stay there because Nevada is a claimed territory for shifters without packs. Many roam the surrounding towns of both Vegas and Reno. There are a couple of Shifter Biker Gangs but they are nomadic in nature. She’d met a few of those with little to no trouble. Most just thought she was shifter who danced at clubs like this one.

The Vampires though they would be another problem all together. Spotting one of the waitresses, Natali called to her. “Hey Crystal, can you cover me for about ten while I hit the girls room?”

“Sure, Nat.” Crystal answered.

Heading towards the curtained entrance/exit next to the DJ booth that lead to the dancer’s locker room. Nodding to Eric, the DJ as she slipped behind the curtains into the locker room. Natali noticed a couple of the girls hanging out. Their turn on the main stage must be coming up. Victoria would have a fit if she knew a couple of girls were hanging out back here when the place was packed liked tonight. She thought as she passed through the room headed towards Victoria’s office.



Steven L. Smithen was born in Cherry Point, NC. Growing up a military brat he has lived all over the USA ending up in Jacksonville, FL. Graduating from Baldwin Jr. Sr. High School in 1988. Joining the USAF shortly after high school and serving for 5 years. After separating from the USAF he became a commercial truck driver. Now he is living in Rochester, NH with his wife Lori.

Steven grew up with a vivid imagination reading all things fantasy. Enjoying J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind, etc... When not reading he could always be found rolling dice playing Dungeons & Dragons where he got his first real taste of writing by creating the adventures for the group of adventurers that his friends would play.

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