Christmas in a Cowboy's Arms SPOTLIGHT + GIVEAWAY

Christmas in a Cowboy's Arms by Rosanne Bittner, Linda Broday, Amy Sandas, Margaret Brownley, Leigh Greewood, Anna Schmidt,

Genre: Romance / Western / Historical

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Date of Publication: Oct 3, 2017

Number of Pages: 512

The Beating Heart of Christmas

In the wild and untamed West, it takes a cowboy's embrace to see you through a long winter's night. Stay toasty this holiday season with heart-warming tales from these bestselling authors.

Whether it's a lonely spinster finding passion at infamous outlaw-turned-lawman reaffirming the love that keeps him whole...a lost and broken drifter discovering family in unlikely places...a Texas Ranger risking it all for one remarkable woman...two lovers bringing together a family ripped apart by prejudice...or reunited lovers given a second chance to correct past mistakes...a Christmas spent in a cowboy's arms is full of hope, laughter, and―most of all―love.

*Chick-a-Dee Christmas by Rosanne Bittner * The Christmas Stranger by Linda Broday * A Texas Ranger for Christmas by Margaret Brownley * Father Christmas by Leigh Greenwood * A Christmas Baby by Anna Schmidt * A Christmas Reunion by Amy Sandas*




Included in Christmas in a Cowboy’s Arms Anthology

About A Chick-A-Dee Christmas:

Jake Harkner has wrestled with his past his entire life, and only his wife and children have penetrated the hard shell around his heart. Yet when he sees a young outlaw heading down the wrong path, he has to try to save him. But will the boy accept his invitation for Christmas or spurn his offer? A story of redeeming a young boy.

Note From the Author: I hope you have enjoyed my story, and that upon reading it you will want to read all four of my OUTLAW books and learn how it all started … the love story of Jake and Miranda Harkner … the story of one man’s journey from darkness into light, and those who helped him along the way.

USA TODAY best-seller Rosanne Bittner has written and published 66 novels over the past 40 years, and she promises more to come! Rosanne’s first love is American history, especially the Old West and Native Americans. Her well-researched books cover real events and locations from the Revolutionary War through the discovery of gold, the Civil War, the building of the Union Pacific, the Indian wars, the founding of our great western cities and the late 1800’s Yukon gold rush. She has won numerous writing awards, including a RITA nomination from Romantic Times for SONG OF THE WOLF. She was named “Queen of Western Romance,” by Romantic Times Reviews, who nominated her second “Outlaw” book, DO NOT FORSAKE ME, for best western romance for 2015. Nearly all of her novels have garnered over 95% five-star reviews from Amazon readers and great reviews from Publisher’s Weekly and other writing publications. Rosanne belongs to several historical societies and is an active volunteer in a local charity organization. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Women Writing the West. She and her husband of over 50 years live in southwest Michigan. Together they have traveled the west for over 40 of those years, mostly for research for Rosanne’s stories. Her newest novel, THE LAST OUTLAW, was released September 5, 2017.

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Sadie Mae clapped her hands and smiled, turning to Tricia. “Tell him the horse’s name, Tricia,” she said excitedly.

Tommy waited for the dreaded news. There was no way a little girl was going to give the colt a fitting masculine name that would reflect the pride and power the horse would one day display.

“Chick-a-dee!” Tricia answered, both girls giggling uncontrollably then.

The rest of the family laughed.

“That’s a great name, Tricia,” Big Jake told the girl.

“Yeah,” Lloyd added. “I can’t wait till you tell the men that colt’s name, Tommy. It will be really fitting when he grows into a magnificent stallion.”

They all laughed more and Tricia and Sadie Mae jumped up and down, clapping their hands.

Tommy just shook his head. “Chick-a-dee it is,” he told the girls.

Jake’s adopted son Ben got up to add wood to the fire, and outside a gentle snow began falling. The thick, wet flakes gently coated the dark pine trees throughout the homestead and into the foothills of the Rockies with a lovely white blanket, bringing a velvety look to the glorious scenery. It also brought a deep quiet to the grand mountains, which jutted up from the snow in purple and gray magnificence. The only sound that afternoon was the laughter that came from the Harkner homestead, where inside there sat a ruthless wanted man with two little girls on his lap hugging him around the neck and kissing his cheeks.


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December 1-December 10, 2017

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