Some Rights of Memory by Ian Thomas Malone REVIEW

Does a bad crime make a bad person? What if no one ever asked for forgiveness? A family looks at the pieces of a life spent Pursuing wealth in the absence of morality, Wondering where it all went wrong. The past cannot reveal what the future holds, As the hedge fund crumbles under the weight Of those pesky regulations once ignored. The rubble is all that is left of the castle, Yet some rights of memory remain for Those bold enough to try to stake a claim.

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Some Rights of Memory was unique in its delivery. The story was divided into four sections that jumped around to different dates and perspectives. I found that a little intimidating to have so much mass in only four chapters, but also intriguing to see the different time frames and views building up to the main issue. My preference is I would have rathered the story be split into four parts then further divided into chapters to help break it up and make the reader feel more accomplished as they see the chapters fly by.

I loved the insight and the story-telling flow captured by this author. I've never tried to put myself in the shoes of people in these situations and it made me think. It wasn't to advocate pity on them as victims, but to give some insight to their reasoning and maybe how they could have justified that it was all acceptable. A brilliant author to step back and capture such twisted insights.


“It doesn’t matter if things are good as long as people think they are. Perception.”

“When you’ve lost, it’s better to brace for landing than to grasp at strands of air, hoping for a parachute that isn’t coming. Not enough people know how to lose.”

"Knowledge of the great unknown isn't important, Jacob. It's the perception of knowledge. You don't need to be an expert, provided those you deal with think you're capable of doing what they need you to do."

"Getting yourself in a position where people will even listen to you at all is hard enough."

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