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BEYOND CONTROL: The Texas Trilogy, Book 3 by Kat Martin Genre: Romantic Suspense Publisher: Zebra Date of Publication: May 29, 2018 Number of Pages: 368

Present Danger When Victoria Bradford got engaged, she told herself to give love a chance. Six months later, she's on the run from her angry, abusive ex-fiancé with her four-year-old daughter and nowhere to go.

Seventy miles north of Dallas, the Iron River Ranch is pretty much nowhere. That’s what its new owner, Josh Cain, wanted when he came back from Afghanistan. Big skies, quiet nights, no trouble.

One look tells Josh the pretty redhead with the adorable little girl will give him trouble of the most personal kind. But he’s seen trouble before, and he doesn't scare easy. Not when “accidents” start happening around the ranch. Not when Tory’s best friend back in Phoenix is abducted and brutalized. Not even when it looks like their current problems are only the tip of the iceberg.

But if he gets too close to fierce, determined Tory, Josh knows his nights are going to be anything but quiet. And that’s one possibility no amount of training can prepare him for...


“As the excitement in Iron Springs continues, two strangers with tragic pasts form an unbreakable bond. Beyond Control is the last installment in the Texas Trilogy. It’s delightfully fast-paced, riveting, and amazingly compelling. Martin has outdone herself with unpredictable twists and suspense that will leave readers panting for more. Definitely a must-read for readers who enjoy mystery, thrills, and romance to spice up their life.” – RT Reviews Top Pick

"Bestseller Martin brings her Texas Trilogy … to a hair-raising finish with the gripping tale of a single mother on the run and the Marine veteran who offers her a second chance at happily-ever-after. Martin has a consummate skill for developing the most loveable and the most despicable characters; readers will cheer when sadistic Damon meets his well-deserved end. Martin’s finely described Texas is a delight." – Publishers Weekly

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I love to travel. I was fortunate to marry a man who also enjoys seeing the world.Though it is difficult to choose my ten favorite cities, Paris would be city #1. There is no more romantic place on earth. Charming streets, a beautiful language, and fabulous food.

City #2 is Rome. Roman palaces and temples right in the middle of the city! And more amazing food!

City #3 is Athens. Walking along the sidewalk, “Oh, look! There’s part of an ancient temple sticking out of the middle of the street!” It’s definitely unique.

City #4 is Venice. Winding narrow cobbled streets and traveling by water everywhere--how fantastic is that?

City #5 Stockholm. Another beautiful city whose buildings overlook vast expanses of water. Interesting history there, as well.

City #6 Our own New York City. I love the vibrancy, the energy that keep you out late and won’[t let you slow down until well after midnight. Plus it’s a very patriotic place to visit.

City #7 Barcelona. Beautiful wrought iron grill work reminiscent of New Orleans. People there are very friendly.

City #8 San Francisco. The most stunning views of the bay and some fantastic restaurants.

City #9 Quebec. What a lovely French city and it’s just over the border in Canada. Fascinating place to visit.

City #10 London. I’ve written a number of historical novels set in England. I fell in love with London on my first trip over.

As I look at these, I would probably have to mix them up and start again. All of them are fabulous places to visit and I can think of a dozen more. I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my travels and that you’ll watch for my new book, Beyond Control, out May 29th. Till then, all best and happy travels, Kat


New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara where she majored in Anthropology and also studied History. Currently residing in Missoula, Montana with her Western-author husband, L. J. Martin, Kat has written sixty-five Historical and Contemporary Romantic Suspense novels. More than sixteen million copies of her books are in print and she has been published in twenty foreign countries. Kat is currently at work on her next Romantic Suspense.

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