A Bookish Summer Blog Hop: Favorite BookTubers

Who are your favorite BookTubers?

I wanted to host this topic because I've been looking to find some book review channels to follow myself. Since I don't have a long list I turned to my Instagram followers for recommendations. Here are a few that they recommended:

Six Minutes for Me

My personal recommendation is Jaclyn, she is the only one that I've ever watched before and follow her because I love her on Instagram and Twitter and everywhere else. I also got to meet her in person at a book signing and who doesn't love an Australian accent!!





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Recommendations from:

Jo Linsdell www.JoLinsdell.com

I love BookTube. I wish I had more time to watch all the videos from the channels I follow.

Here’s a few of my favourite channels that I go back to regularly, and why:

Beckie Bookworm My green haired girl. I love Beckie’s video’s and have been following her for a couple of years now. She is really natural in front of the camera and relaxed as she chats about books. She has a habit of finding lesser known books to talk about too and offers great insight. She also likes graphic novels so if you like them too I suggest checking her out.

Emmmabooks Emma does a lot of different types of videos and is very much into the whole Booktube scene. She often does tags and discussion videos, and has a great playlist with info and tips for Booktubers which is definitely worth checking out if you’re considering joining the community.

Steve Donoghue Steve is a very prolific Booktuber. He posts most days. He has an amazing collection of books (yes I am jealous) and is very relaxed and natural in his videos. He features a wide variety of books and offers great insight about what he has read. He also does tags and often posts about his latest book hauls offering yet more ideas for my ever growing TBR list.

There are lots of other Booktuber that I watch and subscribe too but the one thing that all the channels I watch most have in common is how natural they are in their videos. A lot of Booktubers come across like they are putting on an act and it all feels too staged. I personally prefer more relaxed videos where you get to know the real personality of the Booktuber. This is a big reason why a lot of the Booktubers I watch are in fact small Booktubers. You can find my own channel at:



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