Her Random Thoughts by Jagriti Roy REVIEW

Her Random Thoughts captures the emotional struggles of an introvert who finds more solace with a pen and paper than the people around her. It captures the emotional ups and downs of a shy girl who is finding the courage to express herself. Her sadness, love, fears, and happiness are explored as she unloads her burdens and memories on paper. This book explores the unknown girl whom might get lost in a crowd, but might in fact be inside us all.

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Jagriti Roy is a common girl from a small town in West Bengal. A shy and introvert girl from her childhood days who used to notice more than to react. Life was just like a stage of drama for her since her childhood days. Noticing every person and decoding their mental jigsaw was something that attracted her the most. With passing days her introvert nature got transformed into much jovial and vivacious self but deep in her heart there was still that girl alive, the keen observer of every human nature.

Just after completion of her Masters in Chemistry she tried every possible way to be a self-dependent one and by God’s grace all of her careers were related with creative thoughts. After starting her career as a teacher she thought to give her passion a wing and to cultivate it more. So, she decided to take up blogging (jagritiroy.blogspot.com) as her favorite pass-time and after a year of blogging this book happened. Now, with her own blogging site she also writes for various other websites.


This was my first poetry book, so the first time reading through it I was caught up in the technicalities and structure, then realizing that I was in my own head too much and I needed to try again. The second time I felt the pain and honesty of the words and the third time I was almost in tears wanting to give the author a hug for her strength being so vulnerable to display her struggles so freely. She captures some sensitive subjects and shares the pain of being in those moments which brings depth and a light into her poems knowing that she's able to express these parts of her life out loud which must be cathartic. Her Random Thoughts felt therapeutic and healing to read.

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