Brody and Ana by Anita Claire REVIEW

Brody's a busy executive who’s only focused on work, while Ana's a wildlife biologist studying large carnivores. When one of Ana's cats gets poisoned, Brody decides to take a day off to help her search for the cause. Their hike through the Santa Cruz Mountains turns into more than either of them ever expected.


This is my least favorite book from this author, but it was still a great read which says something. I will continue to read her next book, I just didn't prefer a few aspects of this story.

It was cute, light, and fun. It was an easy read that you could breeze through and come out with a light-heart and a smile. The boy meets girl was an old fashioned fascination that bloomed in their mutual chiropractor’s office and was testing by bringing in a little bit of modern dilemma. He thought he would be fine living out his days independent and didn’t need a women (or so he thought) and she felt the same and didn’t want to rely on a man. They learned to appreciate one another as they explored each other’s passions in life which grew passion in their relationship. It doesn’t hurt that the wildlife biologist caught herself a billionaire in her first relationship in year. Nice catch! The thing that threw me was how intricate they got into their passions, that it seemed like the love story was the background story for the first half of the book. Then the second half of the book when you are drawn into the mystery and the search for her "cat, it leaves you wondering at the end. Was it definitely the chemical leakage? Were other animals poisoned as well? Did Brody’s company recovery completely from the hackers? I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.