Blog Release Giveaway

release party text graphic

Welcome and thank you for coming to check out my new blog!

Thank you for helping me choose my new brand and following me through this process of starting fresh. It was an overwhelming win for Tangled in Text across all my social media polls.

I just finished working with Graphic Designer, Rêverie (her Twitter and Facebook), to create the lovely logo and branding you see throughout my blog. So this giveaway is not only showcasing my new blog name, but also my new logo and branding reveal!

Lastly, it's my own reward for completing an entire month Bookstagram Challenge, so I'll be buying myself a book as well. :) I respect anyone who participates in those daily. It takes WORK! If you don't follow me on Instagram to see my struggle in getting creative for my first month trying to be a bookstagramer, you can check out some of my most recent pictures to the right. I will participate in other prompts sporadically, but I am never hosting my own challenge again. It's exhausting!

Anyways, Explore and Enjoy!

The highest scorer will receive any one book of their choice from Book Depository. This giveaway is open internationally to anyone that the Book Depository ships to.

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