Four Faces of Femininity by Barbara McNally REVIEW

Four Faces of Femininity :

Heroic Women Throughout History

by Barbara McNally

Four Faces of Femininity tells the story of remarkable women who, through their creativity, passion, intelligence, and sheer determination, have left an indelible mark on the history of humankind. The book is divided into four sections, with figures placed in Mother, Lover, Warrior, or Sage. Accessible, informative, and uplifting, Four Faces of Femininity explores the many ways in which women have changed the course of history—and demonstrates how crucial it is that women from every background be provided with role models that inspire. The book includes questions for exploration to help modern multifaceted women see these qualities in themselves and balance them to lead a fuller life.

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Barbara McNally is the author of Four Faces of Femininity, Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife and Unbridled: A Memoir. She is a member of San Diego Writers Ink, and an active blog contributor to the Huffington Post and BuzzFeed.

During her experience as a licensed physical therapist, Barbara has helped people from all walks of life, including veterans, recover and regain their strength. This work also connected her with the spouses of wounded warriors and hearing their stories inspired her to launch Barbara McNally foundation, #MotherLoverWarriorSage, which offers workshops, seminars and scholarships that enhance the lives of women.

The foundation also co-sponsors Support, Purpose & Appreciation Days for the spouses of wounded warriors, offering caregivers a much-needed day of relaxation and self-care. Barbara is dedicated to helping women access their personal strengths and potential, and finds her work incredibly energizing and rewarding.

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I loved this book. There are a few things I wish were a little different but the meat of the book was fantastic. I had heard of the majority of the women before but loved the extra tidbits and history even on those I was familiar with. I loved that it did not just include real woman but fictional influences as well and their backstories, motives, and change they inspired. I had no idea Barbie was originally created to give little girls something besides baby dolls to play with being one of the first toys to show them they could be successful and had the choice to be more than just a mother.

The only thing I didn't care for was the sections and discussions that tied in with each of them. I would have just loved more women. Also, with each section being so subjective, each woman was introduced in one of the four categories but under her there was notes that she could fit under others as well. It would have just been easier to do away with the sections and do them by vintage and list what qualities each woman attributed to each section because I feel like we each have a little Sage, Mother, Lover, and Warrior in us.

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