Full Circle by Pamela Lombana REVIEW + GIVEAWAY

FULL CIRCLE: A Memoir by Pamela Lombana

Genre: Memoir / Domestic Abuse / Forgiveness

Publisher: Wordfall Publishing

Date of Publication: December 5, 2019

Number of Pages: 217

Alcoholism and domestic abuse creep silently into people’s lives, shattering dreams. For Pamela Lombana, the excitement of marriage turned into paralyzing fear as alcohol became her husband’s best friend. Surviving the daily physical and emotional abuse was the norm for her and their children. Full Circle tells the story of how love and God’s abiding grace helped Pamela find the strength to leave her husband, Fernando. During this journey, healing and forgiveness allowed her and the children to be there for him when he needed them the most.



Full Circle is priceless. It is a story I wish everyone was brave enough to tell. Pamela granted us access to her heart, mind, and soul. She did not use her circumstances to get on a pedestal and preach down to anyone, but fully opened up to tell her story honestly for those who needed to relate. I've read so many similar stories that come across almost condemning with the theme to learn from their mistakes, but this one meets the reader wherever they are in life.

A piece of this story that I thought was powerful and set the perfect tone going in was the foreword, by one of her daughters. It set such a supportive foundation, filled with the love and acceptance of her kids. I am the same age as her children and my heart broke for all involved, but more than anything it made me envious of this insight into their mother’s life. I love that Pamela bared all. I love that she did it still at her prime and risked it all by “airing her dirty laundry.”

An honest insight into situations like hers could be a lifesaving opportunity for someone to be able to recognize the parallels. I couldn't recommend this journey enough to both mothers and daughters. It is full of insight and understanding. It puts life into perspective - that we are all on the same playing field, learning as we go through the generations. Everyone could find inspiration in this piece.


Pamela Lombana grew up in Colombia, South America, and emigrated to the United States to attend university. In 1999, Pamela became a pediatric nurse practitioner and went on to run a pediatric clinic in Spring Branch, Texas. Pamela loves working with families and children and focuses on educating her patients and their families. Pamela values strong family ties and friendships. She has three children and four stepchildren. Writing is a passion that started in Pamela's teenage years. She enjoys being amongst nature and loves to go hiking with her husband, Mark.

Pamela is passionate about empowering women and providing them with tools to navigate life through her book, Full Circle: A Memoir, her blog, and Wordfall Publishing. Pamela wrote her memoir to offer hope and courage to women experiencing alcoholic and abusive situations.

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"Forgiveness gave me freedom; it was a gift to myself. I forgave him for mistakes he'd made, and I forgave myself for mine."

"I watched as my daughter's confrontation with her father made her stronger and brought her peace. I was very proud of her. At sixteen, she had faced her pain and addressed it. As a child, it was a huge breakthrough - telling her father the truth was not easy. Children often try to protect their parents and have difficulty confronting them, but that day, she found her voice."

"Abuse creeps into a person's life, taking them slowly to the slaughterhouse without their awareness."

"Domestic abuse is not just the bruise, black eyes of a woman who has been beaten. It's the small cuts that occur daily from which their life eventually bleeds out. It is the isolation they endure and the words that, one by one, strip away human dignity. It's the intimidation of continual threats to take away the children or to leave the victim in the streets. It's power and control over another human being."

"I knew he was lying, but I believed my own lies that things would get better."

"Alcohol comes into your life slowly. When you are young, he knocks at the door politely. Once you let him in and he feels comfortable, he wants to stay. He brings laughter and tears, you think he brings courage, but in reality, he brings chaos, unless you can stop him. He can become the unwanted guest in your house. He will take over your home, your family, and your life if you are not aware of his silent presence."


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