My Little Free Library

I've loved this idea of mini pop up book exchanges for years now. I saw my first one in Germany then a few in London and decided I wanted to bring the idea home. I found Little Free Library and realized that we did have one already established about ten miles from us, but there can never be too many. I might have really wanted to do this, but it was my husband who surprised me with a finished library on my birthday. Apparently he got the hint when I would get super excited after seeing one then make him stop so I could take a picture with them. :)

I enjoy going to book conventions where I come away with hundreds of books and sometimes I end up with duplicates or ones I've already read. I usually in the past have donated them to libraries or hospitals, but after buying our first house I wanted to help our small neighborhood build a sense of community. Everyone seems to hide in their homes and I've never interacted with my neighbors, so I'm hoping to see a few more of them now shopping through the book exchange.

I think my husband did this mostly for me of course, but a little for himself to encourage me to clean out some of the overflowing bookcases in our home and I'm okay with that, room for more books!

If you are ever in Northeast Houston, stop by and check us out! I am extremely anti-social, so it is not in our front yard, but in a community area within sight of our home. If you have books you'd like me to add to the library send me a note and I'll let you know where to send them to or if you are stopping by and would like to meet drop me a line as well and I will try to make my way out or invite you in. We are less than 10 minutes east from George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Below is some of the initial books I stocked the library with and hopefully others will now enjoy. I will update this post with the library ID # as soon as that comes in now that our location was finally approved, so you will be able to find us on the Little Free Library map search.

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