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Dam Nation by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall PROMO + GIVEAWAY

May 22, 2018

Dam Nation: Bonnie and Clyde #2

by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall


Genre: Historical / Alt History / Romance

Date of Publication: March  24,  2018

Pages: 266

Publisher: Pumpjack Press


Bonnie and Clyde: Defending the working class from a river of greed.


The year is 1935 and the Great Depression has America in a death grip of poverty, unemployment and starvation. But the New Deal is rekindling hope, with federally funded infrastructure projects, like Hoover Dam, putting people back to work. Set to harness the mighty Colorado River for electricity and irrigation, the dam is an engineering marvel and symbol of American can-do spirit.


So, why is someone trying to blow it up?


When an informant on the construction site is murdered, Bonnie and Clyde—spared from their gruesome deaths and forced into a covert life working for the government—are given their second assignment: stop the bomb and protect the thousands of laborers and families in the company town. It's their most dangerous mission yet: working for a living.


Can the notorious lovers put aside their criminal ways long enough to find out who wants to extinguish the American dream, and hopefully reclaim a shred of redemption along the way?


The thrilling story cuts back and forth between the modern era where a reporter interviews the now-elderly Bonnie Parker, and the dangerous 1930s undercover exploits of Bonnie and Clyde, as they are thrust into a fight to defend the working class against corporate greed.


Dam Nation, a historical thriller with unsettling contemporary parallels, continues the explosive "what-if" series, started in Resurrection Road, about two unlikely heroes fighting to defend the working class during America's Great Depression. 



Dam  Nation  highlights  the  real-life  turmoil  of  the  1930s  as  only  Hays  and  McFall  can  —  shadowy  intrigue,  plenty  of  suspects  and  enough  behind-the-scenes  and  under-the-covers  action  to  keep  the  narrative  sizzling  along  to  the  final  page.” -- East Oregonian 


“Crisply  written,  well-researched,  thoroughly  entertaining.  As  in  Resurrection  Road,  Hays  and  McFall  evoke  time  and  place  well  in  this  sequel.  The  story’s  politics  are  fresh  and  timely.  Readers  will  find  Bonnie  and  Clyde  to  be  great  company,  and  the  novel’s  framing  story  (the  widowed  Bonnie’s  1984  recollections)  gives  their  relationship  an  extra  layer  of  poignancy” -- Kirkus Reviews 


"A  rollicking  good  read.  The  real  history  of  the  rise  of  unions  and worker rights  against  the  backdrop  of  a  nation  recovering  from  the  Great Depression  contributes  an  engrossing,  realistic  scenario;  a  vivid  read  that blends  fiction  with  nonfiction  elements  in  a  way  that  makes  the  book hard  to  put  down."  --  Midwest  Book  Review



A native of Texas, Clark Hays spent his early childhood there and then moved for a decade with his family around the world following the job of his father, a legendary wildcat petroleum drilling engineer, before finally landing on a Montana ranch. Kathleen McFall was born and raised in Washington, D.C.


Between the two of them, the authors have worked in writing jobs ranging from cowboy-poet to energy journalist to restaurant reviewer to university press officer. After they met in the early 1990s, their writing career took center stage when they wrote the first book in The Cowboy and the Vampire Collection as a test for marriage. They passed. Their debut novel was picked up by Llewellyn (St. Paul, MN) with a first edition published in 1999, making it among the earliest stories in the resurgence and reimagining of the undead myth for modern audiences.


Since then, Clark and Kathleen have published five novels together—the latest reimagines the life of the legendary outlaws Bonnie and Clyde.


Clark and Kathleen have won several writing awards, including a Pushcart Prize nomination (Clark) and a fiction fellowship from Oregon Literary Arts (Kathleen). Their books have been honored with a Best Books of 2014 by Kirkus Reviews, Best Books of 2016 by IndieReader, and a 2017 Silver IPPY Medalist.


Author Links:  Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Clark on Goodreads |

Kathleen on Goodreads | Pumpjack Press

Three Winners Each Win a Signed Copy + $10 Amazon Giftcard

MAY 16-25, 2018

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